Les Eisenbarth, Sales & Technical Service Manager

Les Eisenbarth came to work for New Century Packaging (NCP) in 1975.  Starting his career with NCP as a rookie, Les is the MVP of film and equipment.

“I have learned so much about packaging from Les,” said Vanessa Brown, NCP’s General Manager.  “He knows just about everything there is to know about shrink film.  He knows what is available today and the history of how it came to be.  If I were a buyer, Les is the person I would call.”

Les was born in tiny Corning, Kansas.  He graduated from B and B High School where he played basketball.

Les is married to a lovely Kansas lady named Sue.  They have three children and seven grandchildren.

In his spare time, Les likes to spend time with the grandchildren, taking them camping and fishing.  He is a fan of the Royals & Chiefs and goes to at least one game every season. He has worked on race cars with his son and is accomplished at woodworking.

Advice Les gives to the people he works with is to always use your customers’ products.  “If you eat taco shells and your customer makes taco shells, why would you buy any other brand…especially when Old El Paso are the best!”  Of course, all occasions are celebrated with Hallmark.

What advice would Les give customers, if asked?  “For small businesses, I usually suggest that they consider auxiliary equipment, like a taper or box erector, or upgrading existing equipment.  It will bring their money back fast and keep working for years.”

Les added, “For larger customers, I usually make sure they are running the most productive film and that their machines are running well, and show the operator what I am doing so they can get some additional training.  I want what is best for each customer.  If they are happy and profitable, it is good for New Century Packaging.”

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